THE ZAMBIA National Education Coalition -ZANEC- is calling for a quick realignment of the country’s education curriculum to suit the current covid 19 situation to ensure only relevant topics and subjects are taught within the short time available for lessons.

ZANEC executive director George Hamusunga tells Zibani Zambia that the country already has a deficit of approximately 260 hours of learning annually, as the country only records around 540 hours of learning instead of the required 800 hours per year.

Mr. Hamusunga says with the need to observe covid 19 public health guidelines, learning hours in zambia have reduced further to just about 300 hours hence the need to realign the curriculum to only cover important subjects and important topics in those subjects.

He has suggested the need for blended learning, enhanced home work for pupils to utilize their time at home, innovation and better management of time tables in schools to maximize on the little time available for face to face interactions between pupils and teachers.