A POSSIBLE International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme will be a game- changer for solving Zambia’s macroeconomic environment challenges as it will assure cooperating partners of fiscal discipline, Zanaco has said.

Head of economic research Patrick Chileshe said in response to a press query that if successful, the package will unlock donor funding to key social sectors such as health and education.

Last Thursday, Government and IMF concluded the almost one month discussions around the country’s near-term macroeconomic challenges and policy options to return Zambia to a sustainable macroeconomic position over the medium term.

Discussions, which were held from February 11 to March 4, focused on the need to apply the economic recovery programme (ERP) in policy reform, and were led by Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu and IMF staff leader David Robinson following Government’s request for support under the Extended Credit Facility.

Talks are expected to continue.

Since 2016, Zambia has been making attempts to obtain an IMF programme or support to help stabilise its economy.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail