Historian Dr Eustone Chiputa says the difference in the projection between ECZ and ZAMSTAT is minimal and will have no bearing on the electoral process.

But GEARS InitiativeZambia says revelations by Zambia Statistics Agency amounts to sponsored statistical chaos ahead of the 2021 general elections.

The Zambia Statistics Agency yesterday revealed that only 8.4 million of Zambia’s population are eligible to register as voters for the 2021 general elections contrary to the Electoral Commission of Zambia target to capture 9 Million voters.

However legal activist Isaac Mwanza said it was good to have a body that is legally mandated to deal with statics to give guidance to this process.

“The 8.4 million plus is a realistic numbers over a period of 5 years from the last election and those who have second thoughts about this number must give their own number. The only binding number though comes from ZAMSTATS,” said Mwanza

Zitukule Consortium Executive Director Nicholas Phiri says contradictions between ZAMSTAT and ECZ on the number of eligible voters has confirmed his organisations’ long held view that ECZ is run by incompetent personnel.