The Ambassador to Brazil Ms. Alfreda Kansembe has called on Zambian farmers to increase sugarcane production and transform the country into a vibrant producer and exporter of sugar to the different countries of the world. She is urging Zambian farmers to grow sugarcane on a larger scale to compete on the international Market and grow the economy because Sugarcane production is one of the commercial crops that can significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of the country in line with the National Agricultural policy.
Speaking during a meeting organized by Brazil’s Sugarcane Association in Pirajuba, Brazil, The Ambassador said that farmers must consider strengthening the sugar industry as it can help in the production of biofuel, green energy and ethanol. She said the unity shown by the Brazil Sugarcane Association towards growing the sugar industry in the country is a move worth emulating.
speaking earlier the President of Brazil’s Sugarcane Association Mr. Daine Frangisoi advised farmers in African to grow sugarcane on a larger scale to compete with different countries. Mr. Frangisoi said farmers in the Sugarcane Industry have formed an Association that oversees the growth of the Industry making it possible to produce 29.93 million metric tons of sugar and support development of their nation, he is therefore urging African countries especially Zambia to embark on the production of sugarcane.
Brazil is the world’s largest sugar producer and a major net exporter of raw sugar, having exported 18.3 million metric tons of raw and white sugar in the last farming season. Mr. Frangisoi and Ms. Kansembe have therefore urged the Zambian farmers to embark on this massive journey of the production of sugarcane.