Zambians will cry the way football fans are crying over Kamanga ascending to power. I repeat Zambians will cry if they vote for UPND the way they gave attention to Kamanga in football.
Have you ever asked yourself what you are pushing to state house what there plans just for you before we can talk about others

Personally Kamanga at FAZ has taught me a lesson at entertaining a person who comes with a message of telling you how bad the other leader is as opposed to stating what they will do.

UPND as a political party have managed to
1. Convince some Zambians that PF is bad and that they have failed.
2. They have lied to Zambian’s that PF have failed terribly.

Many are annoyed because they are being shown the price of cooking oil instead of being shown the massive development that have been done in Zambia.

Many have been made to be annoyed because of a dollar instead of the many miners whose jobs have been served by PF.

All this is happening and people are screaming we want Bally instead of asking real questions.

Today Zambia has failed to qualify to the Africa Cup ever since Kamanga came to power and the same mistake we want to repeat to HH

1. How many of you know what will be the cost of things when HH wins ?
2. How many of you know what will be the dollar rate if HH wins?
3. How many of you know how many youths will be employed after HH wins ?
4. How many teachers will be employed
5. What will be the price of fertilizer in Zambia?
6. What will be the cost of Mealie Meal in Zambia.

All these questions UPND have dodged them.

They say they will fight corruption but during adoptions the same party we all watched blood being spilt and others leaving the party ?

They have told you they will stop caderism but we have them break records of violence by even going to an extent of burning vehicles while capturing themselves?

We have seen there leader tell ZAMBIANS that it’s free education for all while in there Manifesto it’s not the case.

All these pointers and you are annoyed with PF over a bottle of cooking oil sure .

We are all seeing this unfold and people are busy saying we want change with a party that is not even consistent with it’s promises