Patriotic Front (PF) Parliamentary Candidate for Kitwe’s Kwacha Constituency, Joseph Malanji has said that the Zambian people still have confidence in the current government.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Ichengelo’s Special Interview over the weekend, Malanji who is also PF Member of the Central Committee said this is because of the development delivered countrywide and the good policies implemented.

“When the population is growing, it automatically demands for infrastructure. We have delivered infrastructure to the Zambian people in all the Key sectors,” Malanji said.

When commenting on the prices of commodities, Malanji said the country is not generating enough because of COVID-19.

He said it is not business as usual worldwide because of COVID-19 restriction, a situation that has prevented a lot of Zambians from engaging in international trade.

MCC Malanji said it is for this reason that the government is looking at policies that will help harness the country’s economic resources.

“There is no country that can boast of being extremely stable in this Covid Era. Placing the resources in the hands of Zambians will help bring forex in the country. We are aligning ourselves how we going to come out of this crisis,” Malanji said.

Meanwhile, Malanji has underscored some of the successes in Kwacha constituency in the five years he had been area Member of Parliament.

He said any genuine resident of his constituency will testify that he has put his term as MP to good use.

“I have took my term as Member of Parliament in a phased approach. We renovated the old clinic and very soon we should be opening a maternity wing in Bulangililo. We are building Four (4) Schools and I have also done 1 x 3 blocks at Kwacha. All these I have done with funding from various sources including in my personal capacity,” he said.

MCC Malanji also said that the PF government wants to make sure that the informal sector is strengthened.

He said that is why various empowerment programmes such as those of traders in markets have been initiated in a bid to make them self-sustainable.

Popularly Known as Bonanza, Malanji has also helped sponsor various students to both Local and International Universities.

“Being a Member of Parliament is about community work. It is about using your network to benefit the people in your constituency. A lot of young people have benefited in Kwacha because I genuinely work for the people. No wonder they still have confidence that I can still deliver,” he said.

Source: LT《》ZZ