Leadership is not about wealth or appearance.Leadership is the ability to do the correct thing for those you lead even in trying moments.

The United Party for National Development always fails at some point because their Leader is full of summersaults. He always moves with an eraser in his pocket to immediately erase what he writes or says.Mr Hichilema must be having a team of busy lawyers that follow him to correct his errors daily.

According to the UPND, anyone with divergent political and economic views to those of Mr. Hichilema’s is insulted right, left and centre. He becomes an enemy. Is this the Zambia we want? Do we expect this to change in the unlikely event that he became Head of State? We have to be naive.

If Mr. Hichilema, as an opposition leader, cannot show leadership on political violence and social media intimidation when he needs every vote, what more when he has instruments of power? Let’s open our eyes. They say being stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies. Mr. Hichilema is not the man he claims to be.He wants to portray a good image of himself but he honestly hasn’t got a good image.