Eng.Kangombe asks; How Eng. Charles Sakanya managed to run Mopani Copper Mines over the last 12 months without funding from Glencore?*

By Eng. Christopher Kang’ombe

When ZCCM transitioned into Mopani Copper Mines, the old trainee development program for graduate engineers was not only inherited but refined.

When Mopani employed me as Senior Assistant Engineer in 2010 at Mindola Shaft, Eng. Charles Sakanya was one of our managers under Engineering but based in Mufulira. He had risen through the ranks under the development program from the ZCCM days.

A couple of years later Eng. Sakanya would be appointed Chief Engineer across all Engineering units of Mopani. Today he is the acting CEO of the mining company and ably managing it.

In the over 20 years of Mopani Copper Mines, Glencore had been financially supporting both its monthly operations and all expansion programs at both Nkana and Mufulira Mines. But not in the last 12 months. They cut funding.

The current team of Zambian Engineers have had to manage the mining firm efficiently by reducing most costs while maintaining Copper production.

So next time if Upnd and their HH asks you if Zambians can run the mines, simply tell them YES.