The Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) has asked the new Minister of Health Dr. Jonas Chanda to bring sanity to the ministry.

Resident Doctors Association of Zambia president, Dr. Isaac Sakala said the association is confident that Dr. Chanda will work well.

“The association welcomes the appointment of Hon Dr. Jonas Chanda as the new Minister of Health. We further wish to applaud the head of state for taking this bold move in order to save the image of the health sector. While it will require more to regain the confidence of the public in the sector, this is a big step as it echoes government’s commitment to its obligation to keep the Zambian people safe. Hence, we urge the head of state to act further in ensuring justice is served to the Zambian people and the health care workers who were subjected to sub-standard supplies and defective personal protective equipment (PPEs) respectively,” said Dr. Sakala.

“The association wishes to congratulate Hon Dr. Jonas Chanda on his new appointment as Minister of Health. The association has no doubt that Hon Dr. Jonas Chanda, who is a medical doctor himself, will find no difficulties in taking up the challenges that come with the new office.”

He said there is a lot of work to be done at the Ministry of Health.

“There is lot of work to be done and the association stands ready to work with the new Minister of Health to resolve a number of outstanding issues affecting the sector to ensure quality service is provided to the Zambian people,” Dr. Sakala said.