Bloggers Association of Zambia has called for increased cyber security education and awareness in order to enhance the safety and security standards of citizens on the internet.

The call comes in the wake of the approval of the cyber security and cybercrimes bill of 2021 which will be taken to parliament for enactment into law.

In a statement released to ZANIS, Blogger of Zambia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Mulonga said the call was made because cybercrimes are being used in certain countries to infringe on internet freedoms and shutting down the internet during events such as elections and peaceful protests.

Mulonga said when well implemented, Cyber security laws have the potential to increase digital access and enhance the digital transformation.

He said that during the participation in two of government’s internal legislative meetings for review of the cyber security and cybercrimes bill, Bloggers shared their opinion for internet legislation that will make the online spaces safe and secure for all.

In the same meetings, Bloggers of Zambia indicated the need for internet laws and policies to be democratic, specific and must enhance online rights and freedoms rather than be used to silence citizen voices online.

Mulonga noted that the internet has become an important resource for realization of democracy and as such there is a need for internet governance processes that will enhance the digital rights of users.

He has however urged all Zambians to engage in level-headed activities on the internet rather than engage in processes that expose others to harm.

Mulonga has further urged Zambians to verify and check the facts of all information before sharing on the internet in the era of escalating misinformation and harmful content online.