Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita says the country needs more local entrepreneurs in order to grow the economy.

Mr. Mukwita says the country cannot rely on foreign investment alone but needs its own people to champion the development agenda.

He says with an increase in the number of local entrepreneurs, the banking sector will see more savings and more liquidity available in the economy for further investment.

He was speaking when he held a meeting with delegates from the German Association of Savings Banks.

The delegates where Stefan Henkelmann who is responsible for the Africa region while Markus Tacke is expected to arrive in Zambia on the 16th of March to take his new position as the regional director responsible for the organization’s projects in Zambia, M
lawi and Namibia.

And Mr. Mukwita said the regional office comes at a time when Government is seeking a rapid expansion of the economy.

And Henkelmann said the organization has trained over a one hundred trainers who have gone on to train over 17000 participants in a variety of entrepreneurial activities.