Zambia today has recorded 2 thousand 1 hundred and 46 new cases out of 14 thousand and 33 tests conducted in the last 24 hours converting to 15 % positivity rate.

Despite such a high positivity rate,the opposition United Party for National Development – UPND Leadership had submitted an application to Ndola high court seeking to quash the decision by Electoral Commission of Zambia’s decision to ban mass campaign’ rallies as a way of stopping the spread of Covid19.

It’s very worrying that the people who are expected to be having enough information about Covid 19 are busy ignoring government efforts are calling it a hoax just because they are so desperate to be in power that they don’t even care about the safety of the electorate.

If we lose these same electorates,who will vote for these desperate people.We expected the Upnd leadership to control their team of excited cadres to follow the health guidelines in order to keep Zambians safe from Covid 19 but they don’t seem to care.