The human rights activist Luara Miti has warned UPND of losing terribly in August if they waste their time petitioning cleared issues.

She said that it was baseless to waste time petitioning everything and asking the PF government what it has accomplished when she herself has stopped using her power bank to charge her phone.

She said the UPND should have been on the ground promising to do more for the people than clinging on a petition which was already solved. She said this behavior can be likened to a hyena waiting for the lions to finish eating before laughing whilst eating left overs. She said UPND should stop waiting for PFs flawed for them to find something to campaign about, but should be on air promising zambians a better tomorrow.

“You cannot be petitioning everything the PF does when your friends are sontaling different projects around the country, even that petition was a waste of time because nkani yezozibika, what UPND should have been doing is promising zambians a better tomorrow than petition this and petition that, sometimes I am left to wonder what to tell ba UPND pantu simumafuna kumvela, anyway kaya?, Said Laura Miti.