Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has advised UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to learn to embrace other tribes in his campaigns.

Hichilema is reported to have incited the people of Southern Province to rise against Bembas and Easterners, a move that resulted in attacks against the two ethnic groups.

Commenting on the happenings in Southern Province Wednesday morning, Kabimba advised Hichilema to realize that he needs other provinces away from Southern to win an election.

He said depending on only one Province which is a perceived stronghold is politically suicidal for Hichilema and his party.

” Let Hakainde come back to his senses and do the right thing. Who told him that he can win an election with only Southern Province which is also a perceived stronghold? I am using the perceived because situations in politics are fluid and anything is possible. With the development that PF has taken to all parts of Zambia, it’s possible the ground may shift. So let Hakainde learn to embrace other tribes as he campaigns otherwise, it’s politically suicidal for him to only depend on one provinces,” said Kabimba.