President Edgar Lungu has donated bicycles to village headmen in Monze District of Southern Province.

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe, who handed over the bicycles on behalf of the head of state said the gesture is aimed at helping the headmen execute their duties effectively.

Mbewe said President Lungu has no segregation in his leadership, hence the need to empower all headmen countrywide.

He added that President Lungu loves the people of Monze and needs their votes for him to continue developing the country.

And the village headmen requested Mbewe to set up an appointment with President Lungu for them to thank him personally for not forgetting the traditional leaders in Southern Province.

Meanwhile, Over 300 UPND supporters in the district have defected to the PF.

And, Mbewe advised the new members not to be intimidated by the opposition for switching camp because they have every right to do so.

And speaking on behalf of the defectors Leah Mudala said the people of Monze have witnessed President Lungu’s leadership, which is why they now want to work with the PF.

She said being in opposition has not helped them in any way and it is time to contribute to the country’s development.