By Chipenzi McDonald

FOR years now the Zambia Police Service just like any defence wing in Zambia has been dominated not only by men but old men.

Despite revising the constitution to categorically guide those with the power to appoint and nominate to consider marginalized gender, age and ability, the practice of appointing and nominating men and old men for that matter has continued unabated.

Demonstratably, President EC Lungu has in his New Year message talked about empowering women and youth in the country and his government’s concern on the same.

NOW IF this is not rhetoric what could It be, i wonder?

Just recently, the President made partial reshuffles in the police command and out of the 10 police provincial commissioners, none was appointed or nominated to lead a province.

One wonders how many are women and youth in the police service not to be considered to head and assume such positions?

Out of 3 IGs only one is a woman at deputy level. How many are women in the police service who are at the rank of assistant or full commissioners not to have been considered?

During Stella Libongani’s tenure as IG, the country had 2 provincial women commissioners in Charity and Joyce in addition to Stella herself who have since been replaced by all men and probably old men.

Therefore, let us not take some politicians seriously especially when they read written statements or speech on matters like women, youth and disabilities.

They don’t mean it because their actions are far away from the read and text of their speech.

I submit