As the general elections are closing in, the political corridors are abuzz with activities. All the political parties are trying to attract voters. This is the time when politicians are faced with critical questions which are meant to corner them. It is the duty of media to ask difficult questions to politicians and it is the job of politicians to answer them. Every politician faces the questions and replies them with cool head. But there are some who don’t like to questioned, who don’t like to be grilled, because they are not used to it, though they are politicians.
Here in Zambia we have one such leader called Hakainde Hichilema. Everyone knows that he is a full time businessman and part time politician. We will tell another quality. He is a dictator who wants to keep everyone under his heel. He doesn’t like to be confronted, questioned or cornered. Whether it is a common man of Zambia or a journalist. This has happened twice in this week. First, during his live interview on March 23 on a radio channel and today – March 25 – during another interview for a radio channel.
During the interview on March 23, a citizen asked him question about his role in privatisation. The innocent citizen was highly concerned about national assets being swindled and an individual becoming the richest man in Zambia after that. Instead of clarifying the doubts, Hakainde Hichilema dared the citizen to go to police and lodge a complaint against him. While threatening the citizen, HH was sounding like a mafia kingpin who can’t tolerate lesser mortals speaking in front him, leave alone questioning him. The call of the poor citizen was abruptly hung on his face even when he was speaking. The radio channel and HH did not show the basic courtesy to tell the person before hanging up.
The second incident took place today – March 25 – when journalist of another radio channel asked HH about his fate in coming elections and his defeat in last five elections. The interviewer asked how he took it when people say that HH’s political career would end when he loses in August. To this, HH sharply reacted and accused the journalist of being plating at the hands of someone who has prompted to ask the question. He spoke in such a manner to humiliate the journalist as well as it was veiled threat of dire consequences if he asked such questions. These two incidents are just examples of his dictatorial trait and glimpse of what will happen if comes to power, and also an eye opener for the people to be highly cautious while voting in August. We have suffered a lot under colonial rule. Do we want to go through the same again, this time at the hand of Hakainde Hichilema?