Last year a group of sponsored Youths who called themselves ‘Activists’ took to the Bush to stage a protest against the government and were quickly condemned by some people,with Bowman Lusambo calling them Disgruntled Youths.

With this current wave of violence and lies staged by the Opposition United Party for National Development especially in Southern Province where the Tongas are killing Non-Tongas, we were expecting the Youth activists to openly condemn the violence but they are not.

Laura Miti’s Alliance for Community Action, Bflow, Pilato, Petersen,Wezi,Mwiza and the rest of the mobilised artists have all kept and enjoyed watching people being attacked and being killed in the political violence mainly sponsored by Mr Hichilema and the Upnd.

We would like to question the type of activists they are and if they are supporting what Mr Hichilema is doing. He has always celebrated everytime there is bloodshed because it benefits his campaign.