National Prosecution Authority (NPA) Prosector Nsama Nsama who was shot dead on Wednesday during a fracass around Police Force Headquarters will be buried today. Nsama is survived by three children!

By Kelvin Sichizya

“………..was this heinous crime premeditated murder by the criminal who positioned himself well in advance?”

On 23rd December 2021, two people were gunned down execution style and most Zambians and the world are left with many questions unanswered:


While many are left wondering what happened and why, some organisations have already drawn their accusing finger, pointing at the government, the police.

Within minutes of the unfortunate incident in which a State Prosecutor who has since been identified and a Kafue based UPND supporter, these organisations claimed they had already conducted preliminary investigations pointing to the fact that the two were killed by the Police.


It is not unusual for police to summon a citizen for questioning once it is felt that such a one may help with investigations into a criminal act

Citizens include people like Hakainde Hichilema who was on 23rd December summoned to Police Headquarters because this is a procedure. HH was not arrested and therefore it called for NO SOLIDARITY.


Usually, NO ONE knows the outcome of the interview with the police because if they did, they would already be guilty of an offence and would either flee or call for solidarity in the manner UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango did.

Following police warning that cadres or political party supporters stay away, they chose to defile the warning because Nalumango, at a Press briefing, invited them to “come in numbers to offer solidarity”.

How many times was the late President Michael Chilufya Sata summoned for police interviews without SOLIDARITY being g necessary?

Yesterday’s shooting incident saw the victims shot in the head within seconds of each other and close to one another leaving thousands of others who were also close by WITHOUT ANY BRUISE.

Could that be a stray bullet and who fired it because police fired Teargas Cannisters to disperse and NOT TO KILL.

This raises QUESTIONS of

1. who was the target?

2. Is it a coincidence that the slain State Advocate was also the man who was expected to prosecute HH’s case?

Slain State Advocate Nsama Nsama

3. Was the killed UPND supporter used ONLY as a smoke screen in order to find cause to apportion the blame on the government, the police?

4. How come this shooting took place near Cabinet Office , ALL THE WAY FROM POLICE HEADQUARTERS where HH supporters gathered and were dispersed from?

In my earlier post on that fateful day, I discussed the 48 houses for which some Zambians held the PF responsible for such a long time until investigations vindicated the ruling Party.

The incident of Wednesday December 23 was not to see any blood as the Police , with its latest equipment acted professionally and managed to clear the crowd which some criminal , with plans to shed blood , took advantage of to COMMIT SUCH AN ODIOUS CRIME

For Organisations and some Individuals that are already accusing the police, FIRST, YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELVES,

1. What stake had government in the State Advocate? An appointee of the government representing government at the National Prosecutions Authority?

2. What interest would government have to eliminate the unfortunate Kafue based party Cadre?

Summoning someone suspected to have committed a crime or believed to help in the investigations of a crime is standard procedure globally.

Drawing conclusions already is only meant to mislead citizens.