Pharmacist Jerome Kanyika, the whistleblower in the $17 million Ministry of Health and Honeybee Pharmacy scandal is calling for a wider investigation, stating that it is in fact corrupt businessmen who compromised the supply chain and risked the lives of many. Kanyika has called for key staff at Ministry of Health, Medical Stores and ZAMRA to be sacked, as well as suppliers such as HoneyBee to be blacklisted from participating in future Government procurement processes

Mr Kanyika who at the time of the scandal served as Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia President contends that the deadly unethical behavior portrayed by medical experts who seem to have been in the pockets of competing businessmen, to subject people to substandard drugs should not go unpunished.

As for the gloves and condoms, Kanyika has stated that what is interesting is that the glove and condom consignment passed WHO and ISO standard certification tests in India from the top three manufacturers in that country. Kanyika says this also throws into question as to whether WHO and the Indians faked the tests or our own ZABS officers could have been compromised by competing businessmen in order to sabotage HoneyBee further.

Meanwhile, Mr Kanyika is calling on the new Minister of Health, Dr. Jonas Chanda to constitute a directorate for pharmaceutical services at the ministry. He added that the sacking of Dr. Chitalu Chilufya is good and could not come at a better time.

Meanwhile, Mr Kanyika says the latest action by ZAMRA to recall the gloves and condoms before receiving independent test results from a laboratory in Zimbabwe is ok. Kanyika says that if indeed the Zimbabwean tests confirm that the results from WHO and India’s top three manufacturers were more accurate than ZABS, then ZABS will need to be investigated. But if the Zimbabwean independent test results prove ZABS to be correct then the Indian manufacturers and WHO must be cited, penalised and blacklisted.