The UPND board have always chosen those who should contest on UPND ticket, but it was different with Charmiane Musonda when Hakainde bended the rules by choosing her to contest for Chilanga parliamentary elections despite board members urging Mr Hakainde not to.

Charmiane the mother of four from different men who likes to leave a flamboyant lifestyle was dating Keith Mukata, a UPND mp who shot a security guard for unknown reasons and now our charmiane owns a house in woodlands which the UPND president bought for her yet had once failed to pay rentals for his then vice president Canisius Banda.

Hakainde has been spotted at many times in public with Charmiane, this has led to many believing that maybe that’s the reason Mutinta Hichilema the wife to Hakainde who only appears during election period might be thinking of a divorce.

We leave to wonder what spell Charmiane might have on UPND men, and clearly Hakainde appears happier with her than his own wife, charmiane is the only member of the UPND Hakainde has shown this much care for to an extent of getting her a house and we are left to wonder again what else he has done for her.

But that is none of our business

Pic view of Charmiane vs Mutinta