Bloomberg has disclosed that they had information from a named figure from an opposition party in Zambia citing that the Nkonkola Mine has closed it’s operations.

Bloomberg said the information seemed genuine enough that they believed it and decided to publish an article without further investigation as the information was coming from a high profiled man who had businesses and had been involved in mines especially during privatisation.

But the government has denied claims that the Konkola Copper Mines have been shut and operations halted. Mines permanent secretary Barnaby Mulenga said the ministry has consistently reported production and that there has never been any halt as indicated by Bloomberg.

It is clear that the information used by Bloomberg could only have come from those who have been against Zambians running their mines.These individuals would want the mine sectors to collapse so that they can have something to quantify their claims that Zambian Mines can’t be run by locals. We know what you are doing and we will keep exposing you.