“New Hope” MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has said that the MMD is not afraid of going into an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front provided the alliance is in the best interest of Zambians.

Speaking when he featured on Diamond TV night live interview program, Dr. Mumba predicted that in this year’s elections there will be an upset because Zambians will vote for righteousness and not tribe.

Zambia is a Christian nation and according to him once Christians rise up and take center stage in this year’s elections they will decide who wins the elections by voting for righteousness and not tribe.

Dr. Mumba also called for respect among political parties because one may never know where the 1% needed to cross over the line may come from.

When asked if there is a possibility of the MMD going into an Alliance with the UPND, Dr. Mumba said that the possibility of joining the UPND is not on the table currently.

In the 2016 General Elections Dr. Mumba worked closely with the UPND but it remains a huge doubt he do the same in this year’s elections.