Lusaka – 20th May, 2021.
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In our evening analysis, we hereby extract vital and encouraging words which were said by the UPND Elections Chairman, Mr. Nkombo yesterday.

During the Colourful Mammoth Rally which was held outside the Mulungushi Conference Centre, Hon. Nkombo said, “WE SHALL HOLD RALLIES ACROSS THE NATION AND NO ONE WILL STOP US, NOT EVEN COVID-19 !!!”

We find the above Statement as very encouraging especially to the Youths who have been wondering on the way forward after the Electoral Commission of Zambia discouraged Rallies with PF banning Rallies!


1. Mr. Nkombo was on point as the Electoral Commission of Zambia didn’t ban the Rallies, but simply discouraged them by putting up strict COVID 19 guidelines.

2. We can not emulate PF by banning Rallies because PF knows that the Public hates them and hence wish to conduct their Campaigns through noise in the Compounds and moving secretly to bribe households to vote for them!

3. The Statement by PF of banning Rallies isn’t genuine! They just want to slow down our progress so that we relax while they continue meeting people! Additionally, PF can’t be trusted!

In view of the above, we here by submit serious observations and way forward on what we observed yesterday.

Implementors Analysis Crew.