Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has appealed to Members of Parliament to allocate part of their Constituency Development Fund towards the construction of local courts in their respective constituencies.

Mr Lubinda who is on a judicial court infrastructure and fact finding tour in Western province made the appeal when visited Kaoma and Nkeyema.

He said the court infrastructure in Zambia leaves a lot to be desired, and that’s why the Ministry of Justice is working extra hard to work on the infrastructure around the country.

Mr Lubinda stated that the PF government’s vision for the country is that every constituency should have at least one local court and every district to have a subordinate Court.

He said Government is still struggling to provide court rooms for superior courts such as the Court of appeal, the constitutional Court and that members of the superior courts are having to share chambers and the executive is thinking more towards that.

The Minister further noted that for the government to achieve all this there’s need to collaborate with various agents of change and Members of Parliament are a very important agent of change.

He said the members of Parliament should emulate constituency development fund Committee for Nkeyema who have allocated Two hundred and fifty thousand kwacha (K250, 000) to the construction of a local court.