UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) has lost the Local Government seat to Patriotic Front (PF) in Kaimbwe Ward in Kasempa of North Western Province.

But the UPND has retained its seat in Maramba of Southern Province.

In Kaimbwe Ward PF candidate, Shimikila Keegan, polled 356 against the UPND candidate Kakona Innocent who polled 228 votes.

In 2016, UPND candidate Thomas Changamuka had polled a total of 610 votes to beat the PF candidate Kalunga Mando who had polled 135 votes.

Kaimbwe Ward has a total of 1,556 registered voters as per 2016 register and had recorded a voter turnout of 50 percent in the same year.

The UPND campaign team in Kaimbwe Ward was led by its Party Secretary General Steven Katuka.

UPND has continued losing ground in North Western and Western Provinces. Zambia goes for General elections in August 2021.

In Maramba Ward, the UPND candidate Evans Sakala polled 578 votes to beat the PF candidate Florence Samasumo who polled 465 votes while NAREP candidate Siamuluwa Brian only managed to poll 19 votes.

In 2016, UPND Candidate for Maramba Ward had polled 1,961 votes against PF candidate who had polled 1,288 votes.

Maramba Ward has a total of 5,376 registered voters as per old register which ECZ will discard in 2021. It had recorded a 61 percent turnout in 2016.