The opposition UPND is scared of facing President Edgar Lungu on the ballot paper in the forthcoming general elections, says Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya.

Kafwaya, who is also Transport and Communications Minister, wonders why the UPND and their surrogates have continued to talk about President Lungu’s eligibility despite the Constitutional Court ruling over the matter.

Kafwaya said this when he featured on Kasama Radio Station in Kasama District, Northern Province. The programme was also carried live on seven other radio stations in Northern Province.

Kafwaya emphasized that President Lungu is eligible to stand further clarifying that his eligibility is just a political debate now.

“Listen my elder brother, this debate of President Lungu being eligible to stand is a waste of time because the Constitutional Court already ruled on this matter. Why are they scared of President Lungu in this manner? Let me tell you why, it’s because they know they can’t defeat him in an election,” he said.

“Let me emphasize that the court ruled on this matter but the opposition still talks about it. You can’t appeal the decision of the Constitutional Court. The court guided that President Lungu ruled for one year from 2014 to 2015 and that does not constitute a term of office. The court further guided that President Lungu’s first term started in 2016 and his second term starts from 2021. Shockingly, they still debate about this matter despite that judgment by the court.”

The Lunte Lawmaker also said UPND is not ready to govern the nation as they even fail to come up with a workable manifesto.

He said if they were ready to take over the governance of the country, they would even have managed to come up with an alternative Economic Recovery Plan based on what the PF government of President Lungu has produced.