17th February 2021

The just ended UPND convention was called to accomplish to objectives, namely, install the UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as life President for his party and launder his dictatorial tendencies. Zambians are asking how it could be that there has been no single member in UPND from 2006 to 2021 who has had interest to challenge Mr. Hichilema unless the Opposition party is a cult. UPND has made history by being the only part that comes out of a convention without a Vice President.

The second objective for holding a semblance of a convention was to hoodwink the unsuspecting members of the public that UPND had superficially gotten rid of its tribal and regional jacket.

We wish to remind the general public that nothing has changed about the UPND following the sham of a convention. All things have remained the same – Mr. Hichilema’s life presidency continues and the tribal and regional DNA, although camaflouged, has been deepened more than ever before.

Telling the nation that because Mrs Mutale Nalumango or Mr William Banda got more votes than Mr. Garry Nkombo cleanses the UPND of its tribalism and regionalism is another attempt to deceive innocent members of the public. The reason it took UPND three days to count 1000 votes was because the figures were being cooked to suit this deceptive narrative.

We challenge the UPND to avail its amended party constitution to the public. A party’s constitution is a public document which cannot be treated as a highly guarded secret.

Lastly, Patriotic Front wishes to advise the UPND that in order for it to rid itself of the tribal tag, it must chose a day of atonement where all its top leaders will be in sackcloth and painted in ashes. This is because no superficial convention can ever and will ever reconfigure UPND’s Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

Issued by:

Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters