The UPND national management committee (NMC) has agreed to put Mr Fube Bwalya on monthly fee until the end of elections.

According to an insider,the committee will be paying Mr Fube k20,000 per month beginning this month and ending in the month of August.

The UPND management committee reached an agreement with Mr Fube this afternoon to work together in denting the name of the PF party. Mr Fube is required by the committee to pretend to be unveiling anomalies in the PF that he witnessed when he was in the party.

Mr Fube is also required to be fabricating falsehoods against the PF officials and the president, he is also required to accuse the president of signing unlawful shady deals and pretending to have had tried to advise the president better.

Apart from the monthly fee, the UPND also agreed to provide Mr Fube’s transport and air time on different radio and TV stations.