Online publication and Hakainde Hichilema’s mouthpiece, KOSWE has threatened to stop giving Bally favorable coverage over unpaid allowances.

Koswe Admin, Brian Mwiinga who doubles as Hichilema’s Deputy secretary and five other propagandists have gone for close to six months without being paid their dues a development that has not sat well with the team.

One of the team members who sought anonymity told this reporter that Hichilema has been dodgy over their allowances for the past five and half months.

” We have worked with out getting paid for close to six months, five and have months to be precise. Each time we ask our bally about our dues, he has been dodgy. So we have told him that if he doesn’t pay us by this monthend, we will stop covering him because it’s too much,” she said.

When contacted for a comment, UPND Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya said he was not aware of any reporter from Koswe who was on Hichilema’s payroll.

Bwalya said the favourable coverage that Hichilema receives from the publication, is as a result of the personal relationship he enjoys with some reporters whom he declined to name there.

” I am not aware of anything of that sort. I don’t think there’s anyone at Koswe who is on Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s payroll. All I know that the favourable coverage he gets from the publication is attributed to the personal relationship he enjoys with some reporters there,” Bwalya clarified.