The Minister of Justice and Kabwata member of Parliament Mr. Given Lubinda has revealed that after dropping the interests of re-contesting for Kabwata, the UPND tried to bribe him with the position of a secretary-general (SG) for the UPND.

Mr. Given lubinda revealed that he had to switch off his phone every evening because the UPND officials could not stop calling him. The Kabwata MP said that the UPND leadership had even offered him a brand new land cruiser if he defected to the UPND where he would be crowned as the new SG of the party.

Mr. Lubinda during a press briefing wondered why he would support a party that had no direction and its only interest was to usher in one individual.

“They offered me a brand new land cruiser and the position of the SG in the party, they thought promising to shower me with many gifts would force me to leave the party we have tirelessly worked hard for. I dropped my interest to re-contest in Kabwata because I thought I did what I could for the people of Kabwata for the past 20years I was given and it was time to let other newer ideas take over, I am not like Jack Mwiimbu who has done nothing for his constituency but wants to cling on being their MP for 25 years,” Mr. Lubinda said jokingly.

Mr. Lubinda is the latest PF member to reveal that the UPND offered him a position in the party.