UPND MPs have no capacity to develop constituencies – Kamba

Kamba, Lungu, UPND, MPs, gratuity
PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba with President Lungu

Patriotic Front Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has charged that Members of Parliament from the United National Party for National Development (UPND) have no capacity to deliver or lobby for development in their areas.

Mr Kamba said UPND MPs are only interested in getting gratuity, salaries and allowances from Parliament but possess no capacity to deliver development to their constituencies.

“We know UPND MPS who used Bill 10 to lobby for Government to help them deliver development to their areas in exchange of supporting the Bill. They got a little piece of that cake but now they have no idea how they will develop their areas now that they no longer have something to bet for,” said Kamba.

Mr. Kamba advised Chiefs and people in areas with UPND MPs to begin engaging and lobbying the Government directly if they have to see development.

“Hakainde Hichilema stops his MPs from interacting with Government. He would not allow any of his MPs to work with Government. So these MPs end up just doing politics in Parliament and get the money, that’s all,” said Kamba.

He said those constituencies who keep trusting that UPND are representing them will continue to get disappointed.

“UPND MPs, including Jack Mwiimbu who is on Government payroll, represents their pockets, families and tummies and not the people. They lack capacity to work with Government to deliver any development to their constituencies,” said Kamba.

Mr Kamba has since advised the people in different UPND strongholds to work with President Lungu and forget trusting those MPs.

Attempt to get reaction from UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka proved futile.