In January 2021 he cheated his supporters that during the much anticipated General Assembly, they would have the chance to come up with and launch the UPND’s first ever manifesto in over 15 years of his Presidency.


In January 2020 he cheated his supporters that he had launched an entrepreneurship challenge and asked them to submit proposals.

It’s now going to one year 6 months HH EMPOWERMENT THELIZ NO

In September 2019 he told his supporters that PF blocked him from giving them 25,000 bags of mealie meal which he bought for them to share with their families.

To date, mealie meal for starving cult members THELIZ NO

In 2016 HH declared his assets as being K73.16m, only for Panama Papers to reveal that HH has over K150m stashed offshore in tax havens, more than double what he actually declared. With that revelation it means HH lied to a public officer and made false declarations on nomination forms (official Governemnt documents).

In short with HH, just like Mwanawasa observed, HONESTY THELIZ NO

Now the question is, since HH lied, and it is a criminal offence, can the le enforcement charge him since he already said “it is smart business and good investment to have money offshore”, basically admitting that it’s his money which he has been hiding?