United Party for National Development – UPND – presidential advisor Douglas Syakalima says the UPND can manage to hold internal elections without engaging the three leaders of NGOs which are sympathetic to the party.

UPND Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo announced the party had engaged McDonald Chipenzi, Judith Mulenga and Pamela Chisanga to oversee the elections at the UPND General Assembly

But in an interview, the Siavonga lawmaker accused former CiSCA Chairperson Bishop John Mambo of using internal party elections to aid competitors against sitting MPs.

Former CiSCA Chairperson accused of using internal UPND elections to push for adoption of his friends in CiSCA

“My brother Chipenzi was my contender in 2016 primaries for the party in Siavonga together with Workwell and Chinyama. He has not given up his intention to wrestle that seat away from me and what Bishop Mambo is doing is to use our internal elections to push for political agendas of his friends,” said Syakalima.

Mr Syakalima said all the individuals being said to be independent have hidden political agendas which may soon come to bite the party.

“Both Judith and Pamela are our members and defenders of the UPND. So they just want to propel these faces and make them better appreciated to Mr Hichilema. But 2021 is not for new comers. We know the terrain and we know the formula to now win elections,” he said.