Civil human rights activist Brebner Changala has expressed his concerns over the high UPND nomination fees for their candidates who wish to to adopted by the party in the forthcoming General Elections

Speaking to Diamond TV’s News on the go via the telephone, Mr. Changala accused the UPND of practicing elitism politics where only the rich are given the mandate to rule.

“The high nomination fees are a source of concern because they will disadvantage the youths and the those that do not have the financial muscles but have to wisdom to be in leadership. Leadership should not be made commercial. It should never be sold only to the highest bidder. The UPND should desist from practicing elitism politics. I want to take advantage of this opportunity and through you the media to appeal to my brothers and sisters in the UPND to reduce the nomination fees to reasonable amounts so that the ground is level for all candidates” said Mr. Changala.

The majority of UPND candidates seeking adoption have bemoaned the exorbitant nomination fees but the Party’s defence is that they will only adopt candidates who are financially stable to fund their own campaigns because the party is having financial challenges due to Covid-19.