Activist Laura Miti says the forthcoming UPND internal elections are a mockery and imitation of democracy

In an interview, the outspoken activist noted that political parties in Zambia are far away from practicing internal democracy through holding of credible internal elections.

“No one expected Mr Hichilema would be challenged anyway and so most of us are not surprised that he is going unopposed at the party’s General Assembly set for next month. He funds the party. Just like many other parties, the funders and the party are inseparable,” Miti said.

“Zambia politics has these small gods within their ranks, and that includes the opposition. There is nothing to celebrate about with these Conventions within UPND or PF. The results are already tilted towards these small gods,” she said.

Ms Miti charged that what was happening in UPND was no different if they had no held a Convention because the same old leaders would fill the same positions.

“I have always said that if you take a frog and you place it in boiling water, it will jump out. So, if you want to boil a frog alive, you place it in cold water and place the pot on very low heat and you slowly begin to increase the heat under that pot. By the time water is at boiling point, it will be too late for the frog to jump out. The frog will die. That is exactly where we find ourselves as Zambian voters,” Miti said.

Miti said she does not have faith that Mr Hichilema would make any good presidency for Zambia but said electing presidents is an experiment most Zambians must continue to undertake.

“We dont elect presidents in Zambia because we think they can make good leaders and save us from poverty. And so, because we re experimenting, there is no guarantee anyone among these opposition leaders would become a “Mr Caring” who will put food on our doorsteps. That’s a lie. Our elections remain an experiment,” said Miti.