Munali Constituency independent aspiring candidate Mr. Thomas Sipalo alias Professor Difikoti has revealed that he turned down an offer to stand on the United Party For National Development (UPND) ticket because the party is difficult to work with and they wanted him to work for them and not them working with him for the benefit of the people of Munali.

Speaking when he featured on the Hot seat interview program on Hot fm radio, Mr. Sipalo disclosed that he was approached by the UPND who asked him to join them and work for them because they had resources to sponsor his campaigns but he refused the offer because he wants to work with a party that will be his partner in development and not a party that will use him.

“I was approached by the UPND but am not alone, I have a team I work with and we sat down with the communities listened to the UPND. We scrutinized them and in the end we decided that we want to work with the party that is not difficult to work with. We want to work with a party that is going to be our partner in development and not a party that is only wants to push it’s own selfish agenda” said Mr. Sipalo.

Mr. Thomas Sipalo became a popular comedian and a household name during the early days of Muvi TV with its comedy series “Bikiloni and Diffikoti” alongside his friend Mr. Levison Nkhoma alias Bikiloni. Born and bred in Munali Constituency he now wants to represent the people of Munali in Parliament.