PF foot soldiers in Luola Ward

The Patriotic Front has grabbed the Luola Ward of Kalabo District in Western Province of Zambia.

The PF candidate polled a winning total of 368 votes against the UPND candidate who polled a total of 314 votes.

In 2016, the Lishomwa brothers competed against each other on separate party ticket with UPND candidate Lishomwa Lishomwa polling a total of 527 votes against PF’s Lishomwa Nambo who polled 373 votes.

Luola Ward has a total of 1,238 registered voters as per 2016 register and had a turnout of 73 percent in the same year.

Main opposition UPND has continued to suffer loses to the governing PF in North Western and Western Provinces of Zambia while maintaining a total grip on Southern Province.