UPND Mazabuka Central and Monze Central lawmakers have been challenged to give room to young minded persons in the party to contest 2021 parliamentary seats.

UPND Mazabuka Central lawmaker Gary Nkombo

UPND aspiring candidate for Mazabuka Central Kizzy Moonga says he is neither retreating nor surrendering to the staged endorsement of the incumbent Gary Nkombo by some UPND women in his Constituency.

And Ufwenuka Ward Councillor in Monze District, Kizito Hamuchenkwa said the Monze Central lawmaker Jack Mwiimbu should not turn the constituency into his personal-to-holder seat but step aside to allow youths and women to rise to national leadership.

In an interview with Zibani Zambia reporter, Mr Moonga said said the self stage-managed endorsement of Nkombo is not only illusory but highly misleading to the people of Mazabuka Central Constituency as the handful of people who attended the function at which this pronouncement was made do not, in any way represent the views of the people.

“What is happening here in Mazabuka is an assault on intra party democracy which is protected by the Republican Constitution. Mazabuka Central desperately needs a change of leadership if we are to develop,” he said.

Mr Moonga said there should be no sacred cows in UPND.

“The fact that any person who stands on UPND in Southern Province has 99 percent chance of winning an election should not continue to breed political patronage towards a few who are closer to the top,” he said.

Mr. Moonga said Mr Nkombo has been telling women that he is closer to Hichilema who is the final man to say who is adopted as parliamentary candidate in Southern Province.

Mr. Moonga cautioned against any attempt to use corrupt means to adopt a predetermined parliamentary candidate as this will backfire in a very devastating manner.

Mr Moonga said the UPND adoption process in Monze cannot be reduced to the formalities which happen when Yoweri Museveni gets an adoption within his party in Uganda.

“The ultimate power does not lay with the small group which adopts parliamentary candidates but the entire constituency electoral college,” counsels Moonga.

UPND Mazabuka Central aspiring candidate Kizzy Moonga

Meanwhile, Mr Hamuchenkwa described Mr Jack Mwiimbu as the “Museveni of Monze” who preaches democracy but whose continued clinging to the Monze seat shows the contrary.

“This time, Monze Central is ready for a woman candidate Mbozi Tatila who lost narrowly with one vote against Jack (Mwiimbu) in the previous adoption process. Mr Mwiimbu must not become like Museveni who believe they must rule until death,” says Hamuchenkwa.

And Ms Tatila who is National Youth Chairperson in charge of Finance has said politics should be a game where you do a part and leave while people are clapping than continue holding on to office like Kaunda did.

“We saw how disastrous the Kaunda era ended. The practice of giving chance to others should begin from low levels such as Section levels to Republican Presidency,” said Tatila.

But UPND Monze Central Constituency Chairman Tenara Mwanakalanga said UPND does not believe in barring candidates based on the number of times one held a seat and advised that if Jack Mwiimbu wants to recontest in Monze, he must be allowed to do so.

“Even at presidential level, we removed from our party constitution the two term-limit clause to allow President Hichilema to remain President of the party as long as we the members want him to do so. So Mr. Mwiimbu should not be treated differently,” he said.

UPND aspiring candidate for Monze Central Ms Mbozi Tatila