It has emerged that the opposition UPND out of their desperation to win the August 12 polls, have upped their game in spreading falsehoods through their propaganda social media platforms.

These social media platforms have been engulfed with unverified statements, alarming news, terrifying reports, unsubstantiated claims, fictitious issues, fabricated information and malicious dogmas.

Lack of morality is making people believe and accept slanderous issues. Many people are not interested in knowing the truth. A lie moves so fast while the truth takes long.

No wonder deceptions, tricksters, connivers, slanderers and liars seem to be thriving in our country.

UPND politicians have hijacked the same concept and appear to be advancing their selfish agendas by making people believe in social media propaganda. Twisting of information is becoming so prevalent in our nation.

Artistes including musicians and comedians aligned to the UPND are now making ends meet on social media by merely concocting stories and creating an actual story into a humourous joke.

A UPND source reveals that Some social media bloggers are having huge following by publishing unverified stories on their Facebook pages leaving readers and observers in suspense. Creating doubts on the minds of others is another weapon being used by some politicians.

“It is common nowadays by simply citing an alarming statement and thousands of people would begin liking and commenting on the same. Realising that the reading culture in our nation is poor, simply coming up with an insinuation and malicious claim is making great news in our country”.

Some of these youths report directly to Ruth Dante and Dipak Patel, whilst some white foreigners are coordinated by James Arroyo and Greg Mills. Some of the youths include Brian Mwiinga, Clayson Hamasaka, Trinko Junior, Ed Makayi, Bruce B Bwalya, Chris Mapani, Themba Zyambo and many others.

“We need to be wary of such and avoid rushing to making a conclusion whenever we hear about some postings on Facebook that does not provide adequate information”.

“Whenever we hear about something, we should never take it to be the gospel truth. There is great need to verify and authenticate every detail we come across”.

The source futher says, “Scriptures warn us not to believe anything we hear. Wisdom demands that we question the source of any information we come across and the motive behind the publishers of such”.

Last week, some sections of online media were dominated by fake news that the Patriotic Front wanted the elections postponed due to Covid-19. Professor Mukonka earlier in the week had hinted that should figures of people contracting Covid-19 keep increasing, the institution he represent would not hesitate making a recommendation that elections be halted, statement some stakeholders welcomed saying they did not find anything wrong in it and that and no one must be seen demonising such a genuine and noble view.

In no ways did Prof Mukonka indicate that elections would be stopped. On the other hand little did he mean he had the authority halting the elections which is enshrined in the Constitution.