As much as the saying goes that their are no permanent enemies in politics, UPND has proved us otherwise, who ever fails to work with the UPND is forever labeled a permanent enemy, from madam Nawakwi, to Bishop Nevers Mumba to Micheal Sata, to Edgar Lungu and Eliase Chipimo to Sean Tembo to Andyford Banda and now Chishimba Kambwili.

In 2006 UPND got into an alliance with FDD and UNIP, however UPND wanted to lead the pact by all means and so that was it’s first fall.

In 2011 UPND had gotten into an alliance with PF, but again Hakainde could not settle for vice position despite the UPND being fewer in numbers.

After the alliance failed, Hakainde Hichilema decided to form an alliance with MMD in order to narrow the chance of PF to pull through. Unfortunately the exact opposite happened and PF took over power in 2011 and another alliance failed.

Fast-forward the UPND and other political parties formed another alliance called the opposition alliance, in the alliance were 14 parties and the second strongest opposition was NDC.

NDC accepted HH as it’s leader only if Kambwili would be the running mate and would get 30% of the seats. At fist the UPND agreed but after a short run HH changed the plans after he changed the opposition alliance to UPND alliance, which meant whoever was part of the alliance would have to stand on a UPND ticket. And so the only remaining viable party which was NDC also pulled out.

The name UPND alliance still stands to date but the truth is the alliance doesn’t have any partners but only the failed UPND