Political Science Association of Zambia General Secretary Aaron Siwale says UPND political alliances cannot work as long as the opposition party does not respect the interests of other political parties.

Mr. Siwale says the only successful political alliance was one that was formed during the pre-independence era where the parties that merged had a common agenda of gaining political independence.

He says it was easy for political parties at that time to put their interests together and fight colonialism.

Mr. Siwale says the UPND does not have a specific ideology the reason why it has had no manifesto for 15 years and is only interested in forming government using hook or crook.

Mr. Siwale said that the country is not likely to see anything meaningful from the UPND alliance with 2 briefcase political parties because HH is not interested to take time to establish particular interests that define who he is and what he truly wants to achieve for this country.

“Take a random sample of HH’s last 10 interviews, you will see that he constantly deflects and fails to directly expand on his vision. He has no ideology and his promise to Zambians changes everyday according to the wind and temperature of current affairs. Take for example HH made promises to cut out taxes on solar products, agricultural equipment, and even fuel. Yet he fails to research and alter acknowledge that these are dead proposals because the current Governemnt already did that. Today if he is confronted with those facts he will again deflect and talk about something else completely.” Siwale said.