Self- proclaimed rights activists and UPND sympathisers Brian Bwembya alias BFlow, Chama Fumba also known as Pilato, Sishuwa Sishuwa, Laura Miti, Pilato, Brebner Changala, Nalucha Ziba, McDonald Chipenzi, Linda Kasonde, and others have remained tight-lipped over human rights violations against Easterners and Bembas. Their paymaster, Hakainde Hichilema has been accused of instigating attacks against Bembas and Easterners in the province. But the said activists who have been vocal on issues of violations and sometimes perceived violations of human rights in other parts of the country have elected to remain mute on the happenings in Southern Province because their paymaster, Hichilema at the centre of issues. The silence by the group has not sat well with objective observers with many challenging them to denounce the evil acts. One of the observers identified as Marvin Mberi wondered why the activists have not batted an eyelid saying this is hypocrisy and bias of the highest degree. Another who identified herself as Chileshe Kunda accused the activists of using donor funds to fight political battles for their preferred politicans who are well known. The group has been abusing donor funds to advance their political agendas while masquerading as activists.