UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has alleged that the deaths of President Mwanawasa and Sata while in office were due to God’s place of having him as President because he is the only right man to lead this nation.

Speaking as guests on the ‘’Hot Seat’’ programme on Hot fm Mr. Hichilema bragged that the reason he has not been sworn in as President despite winning the elections is because God has been preserving him for the right time.

‘’I have been winning elections but people have been stealing the elections from me. You know what comforts me? Two Presidents have died in office since I joined politics because God knows am the right person for the job and he is preserving me. In 2008 when I was just settling in politics Mwanawasa died, we went for a by-election and also in 2014 when I was understanding politics better Sata died. What I fathom out of this is literally God’s plan of preparing and preserving me for the right time’’ bragged HH.

On the UPND Alliance and the NDC pulling out of it, HH said he cares less about Kambwili’s decisions because he is aware that Kambwili wants to go back to the PF Government to go and steal taxpayers money with his friends in the PF.