By Chibesa Kalandwe II BA (UNZA), MSc (Arizona)

Today, we wake up to another sad reality of what a Zambia would look like under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema.

It will be division, hatred and second class system for all those with strange names from Bemba affiliated tribal groups. In every election, the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province have been setting a very dangerous precedent. One where ethnicity comes first before objectivity.

And in each election, they push their luck a little bit too far. This is 2021, Bemba’s and all those with names strange to the Southern Province are being stoned and mistreated. This is happening. It is not imagination.

Ask all those who are Bemba, Easterners or non-Tonga’s in the Southern Province, they will tell you the sad stories of abuse they endure for simply being not Tonga’s in Southern Province.

Ask any Civil Servant posted to work in the Southern Province, if your name is Mulenga or Phiri, you will endure the worst.

Why have Tonga’s become so cold towards other people for the sake of one man? Tonga’s have traded their rich cultural heritage for a simple party membership card.

Have you ever heard of a Tonga civil servant posted in Chadiza or Mungwi being stoned or chased? NO. These things only happen in one province. Kuba Tonga.

Imagine if HH was given power. Tonga’s, not all of them but most of them will start imagining and posturing themselves as the superior tribe. We can not and should not make the mistake of a UPND Government.

Even if mealie meal starts trading at K350, I can never vote for HH. I am better off suffering with a peace of mind than a country where ubunga is K35 but I am being stoned and chased because I am not Tonga.