It is unfair to use Hakainde Hichilema’s selfishness, greedy, callousness and mean nature as a yardstick for rating Tonga speaking people from Southern Province, Socialist Party President Fred M’membe has said.

Speaking in an interview last week, Dr. M’membe said the many Tongas he has interacted with are affable and generous except for the UPND leader, Hichilema whose who is the exact opposite of his tribesmen describing him as a bad egg among the people of Southern Province.

“Well, it is not fair brand the good people of Southern Province as callous, greedy, egoistic what have you, just because of one character who is political player. Yes, it is indisputably true that this gentleman has not been the best of characters to even be entrusted with state power because if he can be that callous without it, what more would he do if given the presidency? Dr. M’membe wondered.

Meanwhile, the Socialist Party leader said Hichilema’s failure to empower his family and inner circle despite being ‘filthy’ rich is a clear demonstration that he does not have a heart for humanity.

“Despite being filthy rich, the character has failed to empower young men and women in his inner circle, not to talk of his family members. His men and women are languishing in abject poverty and the man does not care,” Dr M’membe said.