Patriotic Front National Vice Chairperson for Mobilisation Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that the time to retire UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema politically will be this year because the party is laying the ground for President Edgar Lungu to win the general elections.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Mwamba said that the ruling party mobilisation team is on the ground in order not to give any room for the opposition and that as it stands the soil is fertile for the Head of State and the party large will carry the day.

Mwamba said that a number of defections in various parts of the country are clear to show that the ruling party has gained support and that more are yet to join the party.

Mwamba said that even such is happening, the mobilization will not have any time for pleasure but continue to bring people so that the party does not have any challenges come August 12 general elections.

“I want to tell the nation that this time around we are not going have mercy on Hakainde Hichilema, this time around we are retiring him politically. As party mobilisation team we are ensuring that more people whether in urban or rural parts of the country rally behind ECL who has shown true leadership,” he said Mwamba, before adding: “President Lungu has gained more support than previous Presidents because of his style of leadership. He has spread development in all parts of the country even in areas where he did not gain more votes,”.

Mwamba said that Hichilema will feel the heat because people who campaigned for him are no more with him.

Meanwhile, Mwamba has said that he is convinced that President Edgar Lungu has forgiven embattled National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili who accused of being a drug dealer and urged Kambwili not to think twice about re-rejoining the ruling party.

Mwamba said that he is very sure President Lungu has accepted the apology because his a leader who does not hold grudges and knows that the apology rendered by Kambwili is genuine because of the wrongs he did.

“I am very confident that President Edgar Lungu has accepted that apology all heartedly. Kambwili’s apology is not a fluke, Kambwili knows that his home is PF and not UPND,” he said.

“UPND wanted just to use him. UPND also used me, they got what they wanted and almost got in power but thank God because the almighty knew that if they got in power the country could have been into flames,”.

Mwamba said that Kambwili did the right thing to apologize to the Head of State because the accusations were very wrong, adding that” “We all make mistakes and he has made mistakes before but if you don’t apologise then you do not admit your mistakes, so Kambwili has accepted his mistakes”.

Meanwhile, Mwamba advised Kambwili to go back PF because everyone including the President will welcome him. and that will be embraced by the party members like they did to him and many other members who left the party.