We have heard the political assassinations that happen in some of our neighbouring countries.

Opposition party leaders dying under misterious circumstances. Some have died while in neighbouring countries in unexplained car accidents that even the FBI can not explain how the car arrived at the scene of accident.

Such cases involved sophisticated elimination systems that involve planning by military intelligence personal and of course a head of state that has no heart.

I will not talk about the past presidents of Zambia because I don’t have a clear record of their deeds. I would like to note that during Edgar Lungu’s time, we have not had anyone dying or disappearing under unusual circumstances. This does not mean that the country hasn’t got people that can be assigned to carry out such assignments but I am merely alluding to the reality that even with all his sins of omission, the current President does not kill opponents.

Hakainde Hichilema has beensinging this song titled ‘They want to kill me’ for way too long now, but HH knows that he is not under threat and nobody wants to kill him. It’s a matter of poor advisors and hiring consultants who are desperately out of touch with reality. HH keeps repeating that the government wants to poison him, so according to him poisoning can only be done when one is in prison. Isn’t that shallow thinking.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts.