By Moses Kuwema

#KBF—never been elected to any political office. His support base is on Facebook but we all know the consequences of Facebook politics when it comes to the actual voting. Besides his single vote, he also brings to the table his fancy English accent coupled with the bragging rights of how in 2015 he masterminded ECL’s “election” as PF president and subsequently as Republican president. He will present himself as a political strategist even though our memories are still fresh of how he lamentably failed to use those political strategies, to challenge ECL for the PF presidency and further block him from filing in his nomination on May 17.

#FelixMutati—At least he has Lunte to point at as a place where he has supporters, having served as member of parliament in that constituency of Mporokoso. He is a very unstable character who also brings to the table some fancy English accent and his experience in government. He left the UPND alliance after the 2015 presidential bye election when PF came knocking on his door. He would still be dining and wining with them had it not be for his demotion from the position of finance minister and his subsequent dismissal as works and supply minister. What has changed from the UPND he campaigned for in 2015 to the current one? He is simply being opportunistic in the event that the UPND forms government in this year’s general elections?

#ErnestMwansa—A former parliamentarian for Chifunabuli constituency in Luapula Province. Served from 1991-2001 under the MMD before bouncing back in 2006 under the PF. It was during his time as MP under the PF that he buried his political career when he joined a group of mercenaries who later came to be known as rebel MPs. At least he can claim the people of Chifunabuli will rally behind this newly formed alliance because he is a household name amongst them. He now heads Dr Fred Mtesa’s little known Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED).
Overall, the UPND will need these “useful idiots” to fend off the tribal tag that is always pointed in their direction whenever anyone of the politicians from the northern bloc ditches them. The UPND should however, not get too excited with these new fellas to the alliance. These ones need to be kept at a distance. They’re in it for themselves and not Zambians. Theirs is the typical behavior of vultures, scoundrels & hyenas etc.