TODAY nobody wants to be associated to the disgraced US President – Donald Trump.

However those with functioning memories will remember the euphoria of November 2016 when Donald Trump won the US Presidential elections. It was all praise singing particularly from those who support the UPND party.

The buzz was all about the underdog with no political office credentials becoming victorious against the establishment. The comparisons between their leader Hakainde Hichilema alia HH and the President elect Trump was too obvious to be ignored.

Both were very successful business men and both had never held public or political office before going for the Republican presidential office. Trump’s victory was destined to show our Zambian people what a wealthy and successful business personality can bring to the table in order to transform Government.

The excitement went on into January 2020 with claims over who would be attending the imminent Presidential inauguration ceremony. Was it HH or would Trump even think of the visionless President elect Edgar Lungu.

In fact I vividly remember HH being asked, by a radio presenter, whether or not he was invited to the inauguration ceremony. It’s was such an attractive proposition at the time that HH tiptoed around the question so NOT let his voices down but leave everyone guessing…

Of course at the same time HH was at the height of throwing mud and all manner of dirt at everyone and any national institution that did NOT support his unsubstantiated claims of his election victory. The Electoral Commission were said to be corrupt and stole his votes to favour the PF party while the Constitutional Court was also dragged in with all manner of accusations.

In November last year (2020) after Donald Trump was clearly defeated in the US Presidential election, I shared some cunning similarities in the two characters through an article I posted on the Zambian eye.

Some political thinkers undermined my comparisons and in the usual way they distanced HH from Trump on that occasion. However in the last few weeks we have seen further incidents on both sides of the equator which again shines the spotlight on these two individuals.

I shall list the similarities once again and allow people to reflect in their own way.

1. HH and Trump are both very successful businessmen

2. HH and Trump have never held any public or political office before going for elections for the Republican presidential office.

3. HH and Trump are both bad election losers.

4. HH and Trump do NOT respect the will of the people and expect to have it their way at all costs.

5. HH and Trump will do anything to change the demogratic will of the people even if this means committing criminal offences (HH with his UPND stealing GEN12 certificates while Trump soliciting for a change of votes in Georgia)

6. HH and Trump have accused their respective Electoral Commissions of rigging/fraudulent activities in favour of the winner.

7. HH and Trump are both prepared to use national institutions (Courts) to frustrate the outcome of the will of the people in a democratic election.

8. HH and Trump will insult and undermine the very Courts, as corrupt and puppets of the winners, if they outcome out their cases are NOT in their favour.

9. HH and Trump continue to behave and act as if they are the rightful Presidents and refuse to concede defeat despite the world moving on.

10. HH and Trump will abuse and call on their followers to “fight for your votes” in attempting to promote anarchy or civil unrest

11. HH and Trump will encourage their followers to intimidate innocent officers and institutions by turning up in mass to cause panic and unrest.

12. HH and Trump have both seen their followers shot at events where these innocent people should not have been but for the encouraged from their leaders for the sole benefit of disrupting and frustrating due process.

I am not so sure I can find another political leader who fits into these characters so neatly but I have no doubt that what brings these characteristics together is their own acts and expectations from their respective business environments.

Author Unknown